Colleagues that understand and value your work are waiting in this splendid wood - enjoy an atmosphere you feel comfortable in. This is the best environment for #1 developers like you - surrounded by heroes, not zeros!
Rat races are a thing of the 90’s - here in The Valley, the grind is certainly out of style. Our programmers go with the flow and work at their own pace. Great developers need space and autonomy to work to their best potential.
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Scrum – how to Make it Happen

What does it take to make things even better for our nicepeople?
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niceshops – totally scrumed

Offered and accepted - Scrum from the perspective of corporate development
Scrum Master und Team Lead Carina
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Scrum 0.0 – I was there

Hola, my name is Carina, and I was the first Scrum Master in our Nice Code Valley.

Our Journey to Monorepo

In this blog post, I’ll share the story of our journey to using a monorepo. It’s been a rocky road that’s demanded all the nicepeople have had to give, and, for most of them, led to a radical change in their daily work styles.

Packaging Size Determination via Machine Learning

The processing time needed to fill orders is critical for e-commerce warehouses. For this reason, it is necessary to automate some warehouse processes to save valuable time. One activity that can be automated is the selection of package sizes. Through machine learning, the process of predicting which sized package is needed to fill an order can be continuously improved for more efficient work.

Nice Code Cheat-Sheet – Our 22 Commandments

Can you master our "22 Commandments of Software Development"?
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How Do Us Nice People Work?

What is it that makes Nice People so nice to work with and how do we manage "agile work"

Digitizing the Warehouse Stock System

“Work practices define processes, which are analysed, evaluated, supported by software and then improved”. Many people associate this quote with an acronym, “PDCA”, or, “Plan, Do, Check, Act”. PDCA defines a continuous cycle of change in processes and software and is a principle that’s led to essential improvement in how we locate stock in our warehouse.

Scrum @ Nice Code Valley

Scrum arrived at Nice Code Valley - Where we've been, where we are, where we're going