We’ll always leave a light on - for early birds or night owls - or anyone juggling childcare. At niceshops you’re flexible and free to choose the rhythm that best suits your needs, regardless of what your job title is. Nice Code Valley makes it possible!
This memorial is in memory of the strenuous work conditions outside of The Valley. Putting folks under pressure is banned in Nice Code Valley! No one needs to work nights or weekends or suck down endless stimulants. Except for coffee. Coffee we have more than enough of! And beer? Of course! Free-Beer Fridays start every week at 2 pm.

What would you do if …

… your work life revolved around your needs, not the needs of the company you work for? How would it feel if you got free breakfast and lunch, co-paid massages and delightful staff discounts?

And above all:

What would you do if your work was actually valued and you were surrounded by people that appreciate your worth, love their jobs and speak your (programming) language? Imagine a place where the developers set the pace for projects since they know best how projects should function? What if a place like this already exists? Wouldn’t that be really, really nice?

We say: yes!

You’re cordially invited to be a part of something big. Check out our world and come shape the future with us! We’re looking for developers like you that understand what programming is all about. Bring your developing dreams to life with Europe’s most innovative E-Business-Platform, representing online shops in 16 countries.

We can proudly say that we develop all our work ourselves using the most modern development tools. Join the best colleagues in the entire world and grow to your full potential!
Leave stress behind and get away from the grind!

Join us in shaping niceshops, and more importantly: shape your own future!