Say Goodbye to the Rat Race…

…and hello to Coding Paradise! Meet developers like you who’ve made long workdays a thing of the past – at niceshops, you’ll get home on time. We offer nicejobs that adapt to your life and your needs – not the other way around.

Yup, it really exists! Tucked far away from the heaps of overtime and stressful shifts that usually define developer and coding jobs, Nice Code Valley is an oasis where you’ll hone your strengths rather than feel robbed of your energy. Steady your nerves, find your centre and get ready to work on projects you’re passionate about – without any jumping through hoops. Get ready to live out your developer dreams in Nice Code Valley!

Take a peek at Nice Code Valley life: enjoy freedom, flexibility and a family-friendly atmosphere - adapted to your needs.
Get to know the folks behind The Valley: these clever coders are just like you and are the real-life heroes behind the scenes.
The Valley is full of top-notch talent! Check out what we’ve been up to. We’re proud of our projects and are happy to chat about them.
The Valley has plenty of room for you! Make your own rules and get away from the grind!

Whether you’re working in Saaz Beach or Graz Angeles, you’ll find a place to feel at home, a place in our team, and a place to find your best workflow.

Here in the beautiful hills of Southern Syria, you’ll find exciting daily projects that include making sure that thousands of packages are packed and shipped from our warehouse each day. Hungry? Enjoy a freshly cooked lunch from our very own chefs, magicked up in our on-site kitchen. Take a break or take on a team of volleyballers at the volleyball courts or just sit back and relax in our beach chairs and wiggle your toes in the sand! Interested in the environment? Our main branch in Saaz is heated using waste heat from the biogas plant on one of the neighbouring farms and our roof is fitted with solar panels that generate a total of 400 kWp. Our branch is really nice AND really sustainable!
You’ll find the nice-cityfolks tucked away in the heart of Graz! When they’re not developing new features for our online shops, creating beautiful banners or translating catchy phrases into countless languages, the dartboard tempts our teams away for a quick competitive round while tunes trickling out the band’s practice room invite us in to groove or jam along with our band’s funky beats. Currently located on Jakominiplatz, our office will soon be moving to a much bigger location near Roseggerhaus. We’re looking forward to bringing our nicevibes to our new digs!

namespace NiceCodeValley\Developers;

class NiceDeveloper extends Developer {
  private string $name;
  private string $email;
  private bool $partOfNiceCodeValley;

  public function __construct(
    string $name,
    string $email,
    bool $partOfNiceCodeValley
  ) {
    $this->name = $name;
    $this->email = $email;
    $this->partOfNiceCodeValley = $partOfNiceCodeValley;

  public function greet(): string {
    if (!$this->partOfNiceCodeValley) {
      return 'Hey! Looking forward hearing from you, '.$this->name;

    return 'Hey Colleague! :)';
namespace nice {
    export class Job {
        available: boolean = true;
        message() {
            if (this.available) {
                return "Frontend Helden gesucht";
            } else {
                return '';
console.log((new nice.Job()).message());
  has_fun_at_work = true
  likes_niceshops > 0;

Say “bye” to everyday blahs and leave manufactured stress behind! Take a chance on the Nice Code Valley and get ready to dive into meaningful projects!